As waiting times to see a doctor at a consultant-led clinic in secondary care continue to rise in Northern Ireland, there is an increasing need to find alternative pathways to treat patients struggling with chronic conditions in a safe, more time efficient manner. The GP Elective Care Service comprises of a group of primary care doctors (largely General Practitioners) who have extended their training in over 5 specialties across the 17 federation areas in Northern Ireland. They perform these enhanced clinics at chosen ‘host practices’ across each federation area and aim to:
  • Reduce referrals to secondary care, with more intensified management of conditions within primary care.
  • Decrease waiting times for hospital consultants.
  • Improve patients’ experience with the Northern Ireland health care system.
  • Provide education to patients and local GPs.
  • Provide an alternative referral pathway for GPs.
  • Promote self-management of many common problems.

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