Gynae Webinars

    Confidence in Women’s Health – LARC Contraception with Dr Martina Molloy 05/02/2021

    Sexual Health Update – Dr Helen Sherrey 10/03/2021

    Emergency Contraception – with Dr Martina Molloy 24/03/2021

    Oral Contraception – with Dr Alex Hoey 14/04/2021

    Confidence in Women’s Health – Primary Care Pregnancy Problems 05/05/2021

    EMA Legislation and Service Delivery Update – with Dr Siobhan Kirk 26/05/2021

    Confidence in Women’s Health: Managing Abnormal Bleeding in Primary Care 23/06/2021

    Confidence to get your LoCs in LARC 23/09/2021

    Confidence around Safeguarding/Consent in Gynae & Sexual Health 10/06/2021

    Confidence around Endometriosis 13/10/2021

    Confidence with prolapses and pessaries 11/10/2021

    Confidence around HRT 08/12/2021